Phase 1 Program Brief Reports, Cont’d: Changemakers Network and Youth Education Programs Teams

face sketchLast week, we reviewed the progress of the Leadership Programs Team in Phase 1 of the Eighth Day project research. The Changemakers Network and Youth Education Project Teams have also reported on their findings. We’ll feature them in this post.

Changemakers Network


One recurring theme of the Project Teams’ research is moving PSR forward in its vision of “a network of spiritually-rooted Changemakers”. Cultivating a vibrant Network of leaders is a key component of this visionary goal. The Changemakers Network Team is lead by President Riess Potterveld and coached by PSR Trustee Julien Phillips.

The Team determined that PSR should pursue the use of databases and other interactive communication systems to attract and retain Network participants through online classes and content; regional connectivity, and volunteer and/or service opportunities. The Team noted PSR’s own Theological Education for Leadership (TEL), Earl Lectures and Sacred Snapshots programs as built-in networking resources for additional integration into the Changemakers Network.

Models for the Changemakers Network include organizations such as TED Talks, Doctors Without Borders and Niroga Institute.

Youth Education Program (YEP) Team

Lead by Marge Boyd and Collective Invention coach Erika Gregory, the Youth Education Programs Team:

  • Conducted web and telephone research
  • Conducted a Survey with Youth Ministers in the area
  • Researched over 52 programs/leads
  • Created an “Analysis of Criteria for use in comparing the various programs


  • Determined next steps

The Team considered youth programs at schools of theological education such as Candler and Lancaster seminaries. Concluding that extensive programming for youth is not financially sustainable, the Team recommended a focus on development of youth ministers, with a potential eye towards developing programming specifically tailored for LGBTQ youth of color. The Team also suggested the addition of youth “tracks” to PSR’s current offerings like Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry (CLGS) activities or “Come and See” weekends.

Next Steps

Both Teams concluded their research on positive notes. YEP is now focused on how PSR can further develop Youth Ministers, while the Changemakers Network Team’s top concern is program form and content, recruitment, and appropriate marketing to retain and build Network participants.

The Phase 1 reports are still rolling in. Stay tuned…next week, we’ll feature a look at the Third Age, and New Media Team’s findings.

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