About this Website

This blogspace facilitates communication between PSR’s Commission on Strategic Direction (CSD) and the broader PSR community: its faculty, alumni, current students, and members of the Board of Trustees. It is intended as a virtual analogue for room 134 in the Holbrook building, where the community can observe the in-progress work of the commission, and get involved. If you live near the PSR Berkeley campus and have not yet visited “Eighth Day Workspace” (as we have affectionately dubbed room 134, with all its forward-looking creation work), we encourage you to do so, as it features a plethora of visual material that concretizes some of our thinking and questions as we work on the future of PSR.

If you are part of PSR’s community, we warmly welcome you to leave comments and questions on any part of this blog, and to take part in this process of envisioning the future of the Pacific School of Religion. The Commission can also be reached by emailing csd@psr.edu

Please note that this site will feature exciting (and challenging) ideas, provocative questions, and prospective scenarios. However, it in no way sets forth concrete plans for how PSR will be implementing change in the years to come. That plan will be announced by the Board of Trustees, upon advisement of the CSD, in April of 2013 (see the calendar here). This website is one opportunity to get involved, and help the CSD forge an exciting collective vision for PSR in the future.

A detailed listing of the Eighth Day Project Teams can be viewed here (.pdf)

2 thoughts on “About this Website

  1. I attended PSR 1991-1995 to get my M.Div and M.A. in Liberation Theology. I thought then, and even more so now, that PSR needs to be the Pacific School of World Religions and throw off the mono-religion focus. Now that takes us to the 8th day!

  2. The word “religion” is already implicitly plural! Why limit PSR with “world” religions in our name? This phrase is a contraction rather than an expansion. What if we discover “astro” religion via astrobiology and astrophysics? We will look very dated with “world” religions in our name. The current name is just fine. It is implicitly plural with no limitations either on this planet or another. Dean Worthington, current D.Min. student

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