Of Interest: Crowdfunding Goes to School With Alumnifunder, Pave

Just into beta this week is Alumnifunder, which applies a crowdfunding model to collegiate capital-raising. From the site:

AlumniFunder exists to bolster a deeper relationship between students, alumni, and other alumni, by providing a platform to fund creative, innovative, and idealistically disruptive projects within the established university community. Whether it be a project to enhance the student experience on campus, raising capital to build a new science lab, or funding consumer development of a bleeding-edge robotics product, AlumniFunder seeks to facilitate access to crowdfunded capital for worthy endeavors.

There’s not much to see there quite yet, but Alumnifunder is something for all of higher ed to keep an eye on.

Like Alumnifunder, Pave (http://www.pave.com/) is another innovative alternative to educational financing. Their Support Center has all the details.