Telephone Conversation with Gareth Higgins, E.D of Wild Goose

July 10, 1012
By Kathi McShane

The Wild Goose Festival (W.G.) has only happened twice so far in the U.S., but it is an extension of the Greenbelt Festival that has been taking place since 1974 in the U.K.  Karla and Mike Yaconelli (do you know those names?  Big in the youth ministry field) began in the 1980’s to try to bring this festival to the U.S.  Gareth is from Northern Ireland.  He and other staff members were brought over to start the movement here. Here is the gist of what we talked about on the phone.
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Our Kind of People — Wild Goose Festival

Here’s a fascinating report from CSD member Nicole Naffaa who attended the recent Wild Goose Festival in North Carolina. Nicole offers some provocative and tantalizing reflections on what Wild Goose might mean for where we see PSR going in the future.

“Our Kind of People”

When I first saw the announcement for the Wild Goose Festival – a festival about justice, spirituality, music and art – I remember thinking to myself, Continue reading